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EDM #1286
Tabled 17 January 2011
2010-12 Session
That this House expresses deep concern at reports that 55 footballers in the United Kingdom are exploiting tax loopholes to avoid paying the appropriate level of tax on their earnings; notes that estimates of annual UK tax avoidance and evasion range from 42 billion from HM Revenue and Customs to 130 billion from the PCS union; believes that tax avoidance has a negative impact on the community by creating a lack of available funds for better community services and an increased tax burden for those who are paying their way legitimately; further notes that these footballers are heroes to many but are paid salaries and have additional earnings which are outside the realms of imagination for the overwhelming majority of their devoted fans and are disappointed that oft-expressed concern for fans is not replicated by their actions; expresses further concern that, according to a recent Christian Aid report, 25 UK football clubs are owned offshore; and calls on the UK Government to block this and other tax loopholes which are exploited by mega-rich individuals and companies which are against the principles of fair play and tax justice and to support non-profit football supporters groups in their aims to ensure community ownership of football clubs and financial transparency in the football business world.

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