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EDM #1317
Tabled 20 January 2011
2010-12 Session
That this House supports the important and effective work of the Lessons from Auschwitz project run by the Holocaust Education Trust; appreciates that the original public funding was provided by the UK Government to support the programme involving post-16 students in schools throughout the UK; notes that the previous administration subsequently altered this welcome and successful funding arrangement by restricting Whitehall's funding to the schools under its governance; regrets that the Holocaust Educational Trust has since had to lobby for uncertain and uneven funding from devolved administrations with mixed results; recognises that this funding context inevitably dissipates some of the Trust's valuable efforts and impedes the qualitative planning and delivery of this profoundly significant programme; calls on the Government to revert to the original funding envelope to support the Lessons from Auschwitz project across the UK; and encourages the devolved administrations, along with Government, to extend every positive support and cooperation which they can provide for the project and the other important work of the Holocaust Education Trust.

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