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EDM #1406
Tabled 07 February 2011
2010-12 Session
That this House recognises the unique service provided by Leeds Crisis Centre for people at times of acute personal crisis, and acknowledges the widespread local and national support from the service users, staff, GPs and other health professionals, and the actor Stephen Fry; notes that Leeds City Council Adult Social Care has proposed the immediate closure of the service; understands that, in the current economic situation, Leeds City Council is having to make reductions in spending; observes that the report produced by Leeds City Council officers is flawed, notably because it wrongly states that services are duplicated by other providers; further observes that no consultation was undertaken with the centre staff and service users, and no formal approach made to the primary care trust (PCT), GPs and mental health practitioners to discuss the impact of this decision on their work, or alternative models of provision; is concerned that the proposed closure is as a result of an artificial social care divide leaving the Crisis Centre solely council-funded and would like to see a dialogue between the PCT and the Council to resolve this issue; considers that a full audit and examination of cost-saving measures must be undertaken prior to any final decision; and calls on Leeds City Council Executive Board to postpone making a decision for six months and to undertake a full impact and risk assessment to consider the effect of any decision across communities in Leeds and to ensure a service like this is accessible across the city in the long term.

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