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EDM #1423
Tabled 08 February 2011
2010-12 Session
That this House condemns the plans ofLabour-run Manchester City Council to close Barlow Moor library on Merseybank estate; recognises that the Merseybank area of Chorlton is within the top five per cent. of deprivation and that the proposed closure will have an unfair effect on the least well-off library users; notes that the Labour-run council has let down the people of Merseybank over a long period of time by cutting library hours and reneging on promises to rebuild the library following a devastating fire; believes that necessary savings could have been made without the impact on frontline services such as Barlow Moor library; and questions the financial competence of Manchester City Council, when in 2010 the Labour Deputy Leader, Councillor Jim Battle, refused to claw back 421,000 from other local authorities that had wrongly been paid by Manchester City Council.

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