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EDM #2097
Tabled 18 July 2011
2010-12 Session
That this House notes the recent outcome of the consultation on the future of minor illness and minor injury urgent care in Manchester; notes that NHS Manchester had been forced to find savings as part of the previous Labour administration's 20 billion cuts to the NHS and this resulted in the temporary closure of Withington Walk-in Centre; recognises the benefits and potential cost savings in co-locating 24 hour walk-in services alongside accident and emergency departments, but opposes the decision of NHS Manchester to permanently close Withington Walk-in Centre; recalls that justification for the closure of Burnage Walk-in Centre included the close proximity of Withington Walk-in Centre; recognises that when Withington Hospital was closed by the previous Labour administration, promises were made to local people on the provision of services at the new Community Hospital and is appalled that promises are not being kept, while NHS Manchester is honouring expensive walk-in contracts with private providers; supports the aim of NHS Manchester to ensure same day access at local GP surgeries, but questions whether this will be possible at all practices, particularly those which are single doctor surgeries; and therefore urges NHS Manchester to reverse its plans to close Withington Walk-in Centre.

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