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EDM #2161
Tabled 08 September 2011
2010-12 Session
That this House condemns attempts by the Lithuanian government to investigate 86 year old Kovno Ghetto Holocaust survivor Joseph Melamed for slander; welcomes attempts by Mr Melamed to bring his document listing eyewitness accounts of thousands of war-time Lithuanian Nazi collaborators to the attention of the Lithuanian prosecutor general in 1999; notes that of the nine Lithuanians executed by the Soviet government for Nazi collaboration, whom Mr Melamed is accused of slandering, one, Juazas Luks'a, in 1941 used his sword to saw off the head of Rabbi Zalman Osovsky and then put it on public display; further condemns repeated attempts of the Lithuanian government to extradite Holocaust survivors such as 90 year old Lithuanian war hero, Rachel Margolis, from their homes to face war crimes charges; and commends the Holocaust Educational Trust for continuing to do good work in educating about the real evils of the Holocaust.

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