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EDM #2130A1
Tabled 08 September 2011
2010-12 Session
This is an amendment to an existing motion
Motion originally tabled by Mr Mike Hancock on 05 September 2011
This is amendment number 1

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"at end add `notes that the theft of metal (copper, lead etc.) is a growing problem in the UK affecting many industries (e.g. power, transportation, water and communications), with the cost to the UK economy estimated at £770 million per annum; further notes that the safety and social aspects for the public of communications cables being vandalised, gas pipes being ripped from houses, lead from churches and schools, roadway drain and manhole covers being taken, etc are immeasurable; commends industry, the British Transport Police, the ACPO and others for their work to eradicate this problem; and calls on the Government to introduce legislation to protect the UK economy from this danger by adopting a more robust regime with greater powers for the police and courts, including the investigation of suspicious activities and allowing the enforcement of proceeds of crime provisions.'."

Original Motion Text

That this House notes with concern the increasing prevalence of scrap metal theft; denounces the recent desecration of the Civilian War Memorial in Portsmouth's Kingston Cemetery and theft of its plaques for sale; calls on the Government to introduce regulations on the buying of scrap metal including measures to ensure no scrap metal is sold without the seller providing verified identification and a full record of each transaction and provisions to make it illegal to make cash payments for scrap metal; and urges the Government to bring in proposals to effect these changes as soon as possible.

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