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EDM #2291
Tabled 20 October 2011
2010-12 Session
That this House welcomes the European Parliament's Written Declaration on Epilepsy 0022/2011, submitted by MEPs Gay Mitchell, Nirj Deva, Marian Harkin, Peter Skinner and Angelika Werthmann and passed on 15 September 2011; notes that the Declaration was signed by 459 MEPs, which is the third highest number of signatures of all disease-related declarations since 2004; further notes that the Declaration states that six million people in Europe have epilepsy, with 300,000 new cases diagnosed each year; is concerned that, according to the Declaration, 40 per cent. of people with epilepsy in Europe do not receive appropriate treatment and 40 per cent. of children with epilepsy have difficulties at school; acknowledges that, according to the Declaration, people with epilepsy in Europe experience high levels of unemployment, are exposed to stigma and prejudice and can experience disruption to every aspect of life which can impose physical, psychological and social burdens on individuals and families; further welcomes the Declaration's calls for research and innovation in prevention and early diagnosis and treatment and for the recognition of epilepsy as a major disease that imposes a significant burden; and urges the Government to take steps to comply with the Declaration's demands for EU member states to introduce appropriate legislation to protect the rights of all people with epilepsy.

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