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EDM #2415
Tabled 09 November 2011
2010-12 Session
That this House notes that Rhythmix is the name of a small Brighton-based charity providing music-making opportunities to vulnerable youngsters; welcomes the decision by the entertainment company Simco to drop its use of the name Rhythmix for a group of contestants on The X Factor television programme; further notes with concern that, despite publicly discontinuing the use of the name Rhythmix, Simco has yet to cancel its application to legally trademark it; further notes that the company's legal representatives have ignored repeated requests by the charity's lawyers to desist from actions that would result in it acquiring the trademark Rhythmix, causing the charity to incur legal fees which it can ill afford; and therefore calls on Simon Cowell and Simco to drop the bid to acquire the name Rhythmix and as a gesture of goodwill to reimburse the 8,000 in legal fees that the company's actions have caused this small charity to incur to date and any further fees.

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