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EDM #2452
Tabled 21 November 2011
2010-12 Session
That this House condemns the recent attack on the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee by Enterprise Inns' Chief Executive Ted Tuppen, who described the Committee's efforts in compiling its report on pub companies (TenthReport of Session 2010-12, HC 1369-1) as `political pantomime', implied that Parliamentary privilege had been abused in order to `exaggerate, insult and mislead' and suggested that the Government is incapable of instilling `proper analytical discipline'; notes that this comes from a man who previously called hon. Members `morons' for raising legitimate concerns about Enterprise Inns' treatment of its tenant lessees and whose salary soared to 1.22 million after taking a 50 per cent. pay rise whilst the company's share price collapsed by 75 per cent. in the last 12 months and almost 600 Enterprise pubs were closed and sold off to plug a 3.3 billion debt; further notes that Mr Tuppen complains about the latest select committee report, despite this being the latest of four damning reports all of which were highly critical of Enterprise Inns' business practices, including exposing Enterprise Inns for having misled prospective lessees by providing wildly unrealistic projections to them; further notes that Enterprise has now failed to do what four select committee reports have said it should, including the 2010 report which made clear that failure to self-reform within 14 months would lead to the reform proposals now being considered by the Government; therefore calls on the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills to press on with the much needed reform of the pub industry; and suggests that Enterprise Inns' shareholders press for Mr Tuppen's resignation considering the damage he continues to do to Enterprise Inns' reputation.

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