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EDM #2561
Tabled 20 December 2011
2010-12 Session
That this House is alarmed at plans to abolish the specific provisions on toilets in the School Premises Regulations; notes that school toilet facilities are inconsistent and often poor; further notes the research carried out in 2003 on behalf of the Community Practitioners and Health Visitors Association that foundtwo per cent. of schools did not have hot water and 31 per cent. had no soap, that 40 per cent. of primary schools had no sanitary disposal bins for older girls, that 57 per cent. of schools did not have disabled toilets, that 84 per cent. of schools had drinking water facilities in toilets, that 14 per cent. of schools had missing toilet seats and that 25 per cent. had locks missing on cubicle doors; is concerned about the serious direct and indirect implications for children's health and education of such bad facilities; and calls on the Government to revise the School Premises Regulations to include clear standards for pupil facilities, rather than removing the few provisions that do exist.

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