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EDM #2601
Tabled 16 January 2012
2010-12 Session
That this House congratulates Welcome to Yorkshire, the official organisation for attracting visitors to Yorkshire, on winning the prestigious World Travel Award for the World's Leading Marketing Campaign for the second year running; notes that in winning this category Welcome to Yorkshire has beaten a host of national tourism bodies from Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Brazil, India, South Africa and Spain, all high profile holiday destinations; further notes that the tourism industry in Yorkshire annually pumps 7 billion into the nation's economy, employing almost a quarter of a million people across 25,000 strong and vibrant businesses; welcomes the example set by the body in its use of innovative and diverse media to attract some of the 216 million people that visit Yorkshire each year, including the 25 million people who have seen the Welcome to Yorkshire marketing campaigns, which sit alongside the effective use of social media and the development of its award-winning website; and urges other tourism bodies throughout the UK to emulate this example, so that they might make the most of the country's unique array of heritage, arts, sports and other attractions in straitened economic times just as Yorkshire has, with the county seeing a 22 per cent. rise in the value of international visits, compared to a 3 per cent. rise nationally, a truly extraordinary achievement on its own.

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