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EDM #2617
Tabled 18 January 2012
2010-12 Session
That this House condemns as reckless and merciless the bombing of Kurdish civilians by Turkish F-16 war planes on 28 December 2011 in the border province of Sirnak, which killed some 35 Kurds aged between 13 and 28 years old, provoking widespread protests among the Kurdish community and condemned by Kurdish politicians as a massacre; believes that such actions, authorised by the government of Prime Minister Recep TayyipErdogan, applauded as a moderate in Europe, can only exacerbate social tensions and unrest between Turkey and the Kurds; further believes that it demonstrates the utter failure of Turkey's resort to a military solution to the Kurdish problem and that only a genuine democratic opening to the Kurds can resolve the historic grievances of the Kurdish people; and calls on the Government to make representations to the government of Turkey on this issue.

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