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EDM #2634
Tabled 24 January 2012
2010-12 Session
That this House is alarmed by the proliferation of B2 gaming machines in high street bookmakers and licensed betting offices, from 16,380 in 2006-07 to 32,000 today; is concerned that B2 machines offer fast, high stakes gambling in easy-to-access shops, effectively making them high street casinos; notes that these machines allow people to play as many as 180 roulette games an hour and can take up to 100 every 20 seconds; further notes the finding of the Portas Review that bookmakers are circumventing limits on the number of gaming machines in a single shop; acknowledges that problem gambling ruins lives and that research shows people on low incomes are particularly vulnerable; and calls on the Government to review the Gambling Act 2005, significantly reducing stake and prize limits for gaming machines and restricting game speeds to a more appropriate level, and to make parliamentary time available for the Betting Shops Bill presentedby the right hon. Member for Lewisham, Deptford in July 2011 which creates a separate use class for betting shops allowing local authorities and communities more control over what appears on high streets as recommended by the Portas Review.

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