House of Commons
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EDM #2904
Tabled 20 March 2012
2010-12 Session
That this House notes that the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is going to be dismantled by the Government when it cuts 63 per cent. from the budget and 72 per cent. from staffing, compared to levels at its creation; strongly objects to the axing of frontline services like the helpline and grants to regional outreach work and the end of free legal representation for victims of discrimination; further notes the risk that advice deserts may spread across the country as a result of the cuts and its UN accreditation as an A status national human rights institution may be at risk as a result of the cuts to budget and remit; is concerned that over 200 experienced regional casework and advice staff may be axed, while the commission retains highly paid management consultants to implement a change programme; understands that PCS members at EHRC offices have taken industrial action in protest against job cuts, closures and privatisation; further understands that staff are anticipating deeper and faster cuts resulting in even more job losses and outsourcing this year; and calls on the Government to put a halt to spending more taxpayers' money on another costly restructuring exercise, and to instead fund the body so that it maintains its remit and staffing levels to help victims of discrimination and promote a culture where all are equal and the human rights of all are respected.

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