House of Commons
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EDM #2992
Tabled 23 April 2012
2010-12 Session
That this House welcomes the calls and campaign for an English national anthem including by British Future and by Anthem4England; supports the letter signed by hon. Members from across the House calling for England to have its own national anthem, just as Scotland and Wales do when they compete as individual nations; believes it quite wrong that England uses the UK national anthem when competing as England rather than as Great Britain or the UK and that this confuses England and Britain/the UK and is damaging to the unity of the UK; notes that an English anthem for the talented and diverse teams that represent us on the sporting field would help modern patriotic pride to defeat prejudice; applauds the British Future campaign and Anthem4England for their work on this issue; adds that St George's Day, ahead of Euro 2012, is an ideal moment for the Government to speak up for English identity and an English national anthem; and therefore calls on the Government to get behind the campaign for an English national anthem calling on all English sporting associations to adopt an appropriate song that English sportsmen and women and the English public would favour when competing as England.

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