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EDM #2997
Tabled 24 April 2012
2010-12 Session
That this House places on record its appreciation of Noisedirect, the independent national noise advice line, and acknowledges that 25 April 2012 is the 17th International Noise Awareness Day; congratulates Noisedirect for supporting this event with its Blue Mu Awards; notes that the Blue Mu is based on the Japanese Kanji symbol for nothing, and the awards will be given to those who have done little or nothing to prevent noise nuisance or improve the aural environment; further notes that Noisedirect's Noise Tzar, Val Weedon MBE, a leading noise campaigner, is calling on the Government to amend regulations to deal with noise nuisance; and supports her and others in urging the Government to provide further resources to empower ordinary people to achieve effective solutions for peaceful homes.

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