House of Commons
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EDM #51
Tabled 14 May 2012
2012-13 Session
That this House believes that the Government's proposals for the development of 4G mobile broadband services take insufficent account of the cost and inconvenience to consumers of interference on digital terrestrial television services; is concerned, while welcoming the package of help proposed by the Government and Ofcom, that the needs of a majority of those households affected have been overlooked and that, in particular, the costs of the installation of special filters to protect television services have not been taken into account, especially for those living in flats or who depend on amplification equipment to boost their television signal and public institutions such as hospitals and care homes; is further concerned that the assistance being proposed for consumers is restricted to only one television set per household, irrespective of the number of sets or individuals in each household; and calls on the Government urgently to review its plans and make provision to ensure that continuity of service for all digital terrestrial television viewers is guaranteed following the auction of spectrum for 4G mobile services later this year, with the minimum of inconvenience to consumers.