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EDM #74
Tabled 16 May 2012
2012-13 Session
That this House notes that currently there is an urgent gap in true early intervention services for new and expectant mothers suffering from mild to moderate mental health problems; further notes that ante natal and post natal depression effect on mothers' ability to relate to their baby and existing children and impacts on children's outcomes; further notes that the risk of domestic violence escalates during pregnancy which can cause and exacerbate existing mental health problems; further notes that the financial burden of a new baby on families can compound perinatal depression; congratulates the Government on the fact that the Family Nurse Partnership and the Health Visitor Programme make important contributions to meeting the needs of at risk mothers while recognising that they cannot respond to all those at risk; further notes that there should be a focus on investment in early intervention services and financial support in the perinatal period to improve children's outcomes which are disproportionately determined in babyhood; and further notes that the role of the Big Society and third sector services provided by Family Action, the Northamptonshire Parent Infant Project and the NCT can add value to the work of the statutory services by reaching out to more at risk new mothers, their babies and children.

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