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EDM #119
Tabled 22 May 2012
2012-13 Session
That this House believes that a significantly more ambitious approach to energy saving policies would deliver multiple benefits to the UK in terms of tackling fuel poverty and high energy bills, creating jobs and reducing dependency on energy imports to free-up significant money to invest in the UK's energy infrastructure; notes that energy efficiency is an area where UK businesses already excel; further believes that an ambitious and binding energy saving target set at EU level would create further opportunities for British businesses to export solutions, technologies and experience; acknowledges European Commission analysis estimating that, in its original form, the Energy Efficiency Directive would secure a reduction in fuel expenditure of 38 billioneurosannually and create up to two million local European jobs; is concerned that a weak framework would send a negative signal to investors and make it more difficult for the UK to meet domestic objectives on energy security, economic recovery and emissions reductions; further believes that a mandatory EU-wide target would still allow the UK significant flexibility and allow delivery to take account of local and national circumstances; recognises the leadership role that the UK has played in EU negotiations on energy; and therefore calls on the Government to support and vocally champion a binding 2020 20 per cent energy saving target as part of the Energy Efficiency Directive.

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