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EDM #257
Tabled 25 June 2012
2012-13 Session
That this House congratulates the Armed Services Advice Project (ASAP) on two successful years of delivering advice, information and support to the armed forces community in Scotland; notes that ASAP is delivered by Citizens Advice Bureaux across Scotland, including across the Renfrewshire region, and that its success lies in helping veterans access support and advice; welcomes the publication of Civvy Street: The New Frontline, which highlights that ASAP has dealt with over 6,000 issues for more than 1,400 clients in its first 21 months, has had a client financial gain of 900,000, and that ASAP clients have been assisted with 4.1 issues per client compared to an average of 2.1 for a non-ASAP client; further notes that ASAP offers a holistic service that focuses on the individual rather than a specific issue, combining high quality advice with expert knowledge of particular armed forces and veterans' issues; further notes that getting the right help at the right time can make a significant contribution to helping veterans; and commends ASAP for providing a vital source of advice and support for veterans and their families across Scotland.

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