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EDM #415
Tabled 16 July 2012
2012-13 Session
That this House congratulates Leeds' oldest cinema in continuous use, the Cottage Road Cinema in Far Headingley, as it celebrates the centenary of its founding; further congratulates the Far Headingley Village Society and local residents for campaigning to save the cinema in 2005; further congratulates the proprietor of the cinema, Mr Charles Morris, for leasing and thus saving this much-loved community asset; recognises the important role that Mr Morris's company, Northern Morris Associated Cinemas, plays in saving similar historic cinemas up and down the country; supports the proposed celebrations to pay tribute to the sustained and valuable contribution of this local treasure; notes the beneficial role that these celebrations will play in bringing the local community together; applauds the Leeds Civic Trust for bestowing the cinema with a blue plaque; and calls for further and ongoing support to be given to historic cinemas such as Cottage Road so that they may continue to serve local communities for many years to come.

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