House of Commons
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EDM #625
Tabled 23 October 2012
2012-13 Session
That this House commends the NHS staff at the Congenital Heart Centre at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester for their skill, compassion and dedication in caring for patients and supporting parents; recognises the Centre's excellent track record of delivering high quality, safe and effective care; notes that Option A of the Government's Safe and Sustainable Review of children's congenital heart surgery is the best option for ensuring the quality, accessibility and affordability of children's heart surgery not only in the East Midlands but across the country; further notes that keeping children's heart surgery in Leicester would also mean Glenfield retains its extracorporeal membrane oxygenation service, for which it is the leading national centre; and therefore calls on the Government to support Option A and maintain the congenital heart centre at Glenfield Hospital.

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