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EDM (Early Day Motion) 869: tabled on 19 December 2012

Tabled in the 2012-13 session.

This motion has been signed by 12 Members. It has not yet had any amendments submitted.

As this motion is using historical data, we may not have the record of the original ordering, in which case signatories are listed alphabetically.

Motion text

That this House is concerned by the findings of The Postcode Penalty, a new report from Citizens Advice Scotland, which shows that at least one million Scots are being hit with surcharges, late delivery and even being refused delivery when they buy goods online, because of where they live; notes that consumers in Scotland's island communities pay a postcode penalty of nearly 19 for delivery, a mark up of over 500 per cent, and consumers across the Highlands are charged an extra 15; further notes that of all the surcharges levied by the 534 retailers that Citizens Advice Scotland investigated, more than 70 per cent applied to consumers in Scotland, indicating that Scots are disproportionately affected by poor delivery practices; further notes that this problem affects businesses as well as consumers; calls on retailers to change their delivery policies to ensure fair, affordable and understandable delivery for consumers wherever they live; applauds Royal Mail forits universal service obligation which ensures a fair price for post and parcels across the whole of the UK; and congratulates the Scottish CAB Service forits campaign to secure a fairer deal for consumers.