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EDM #1004
Tabled 31 January 2013
2012-13 Session
That this House recognises that a quarter of total carbon dioxide emissions come from the use of homes and that the most cost-effective carbon reduction strategy for the UK is to improve their efficiency, simultaneously cutting fuel imports, fuel bills and fuel poverty as well as slowing climate change; welcomes the measures taken so far by the Government to improve building efficiency standards and the start of the Green Deal; further welcomes the Prime Minister's restatement of the Government's intention to become the Greenest Government Ever and the Coalition's commitment to achieve a Zero Carbon Home standard for new homes by 2016; congratulates Building magazine on its Green for Growth campaign, supported by many leading professions, companies and organisations in the construction sector; and urges the Government now to press forward urgently on announcing further energy performance upgrades to building standards so that industry can prepare in a timely way for the full benefits for households, the economy and the planet to be delivered at the earliest possible time.

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