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EDM #1096
Tabled 25 February 2013
2012-13 Session
That this House notes with great concern the findings of the Francis Report into Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust, particularly the avoidable deaths of up to 1,200 patients; further notes the ongoing investigation into excess mortality rates at 14 other NHS trusts; further notes with deep concern statistics suggesting excess mortality of 2,800 avoidable patient deaths across these trusts from 2008 to 2010; welcomes the Government's commitment to greater accountability and transparency in the NHS and to power for patients; calls on the Government to instigate full investigations into what information raising these concerns was made available to Sir David Nicholson, departmental officials and Ministers during this time and what action, if any, was taken; and further calls for anyone found to be negligent in their duty to protect patients to be held fully accountable and face appropriate consequences, and for Sir David Nicholson to resign as Chief Executive of the NHS, given his previous role as Chief Executive of West Midlands Strategic Health Authority, which had overall responsibility for Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust during the period investigated in the Francis Inquiry.

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