House of Commons
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EDM #462
Tabled 13 January 1992
1991-92 Session
That this House expresses its concern at the conduct of Birmingham City Council over its argument on moral rights in relation to a Commission for the International Convention Centre carried out by the artist Deanna Petherbridge; notes the reports on the argument in The Guardian on 13 December and in the Financial Times on 29th December 1991; regrets that the Chief Executive of the Council, Roger Taylor, does not seem to understand the issues and that he has encouraged his Council to renege on its commitments; is saddened by the fact that Roger Taylor has refused even to discuss the matter with the artist's Member of Parliament; deplores the fact that Roger Taylor has written a number of patronising and sniffy letters to eminent people in the world of art telling them to mind their own business; and hopes that the conduct of Roger Taylor does not cast a slur on Birmingham as a great centre for art and civilised discourse.

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