House of Commons
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EDM #67
Tabled 13 May 2013
2013-14 Session
That this House is concerned at the number of trades union representatives who have faced disciplinary action or been sacked by the Home Department in recent years; notes that strong representation for workers is needed when almost a quarter of UK Border Agency staff have admitted to experiencing bullying; is further concerned that Jon Biggar, a longstanding representative in the Identity and Passport Service, has been made compulsorily redundant after the Department broke its own rules which dictate that those facing redundancy should have preferential treatment for internal vacancies; is aware that Mr Biggar applied for various jobs within the Home Department and wider Civil Service but was barred on every single occasion on spurious grounds even when being the only candidate for a role; and asks that Ministers intervene immediately to ensure that the victimisation of workplace representatives does not continue, so that they can work towards achieving workplaces where all staff are treated with dignity and respect.

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