House of Commons
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EDM #107
Tabled 15 May 2013
2013-14 Session
That this House welcomes the Love Your Local Market 2013 fortnight; urges all hon. Members to visit and celebrate their local markets in the next 14 days; agrees that markets are at the heart of their towns and communities and will play a central and integral part in regenerating high streets and town centres; notes that 662 markets throughout the country have registered to take part in Love Your Local Market 2013 with 3,500 exciting events planned including shopping, specialist and handmade markets, cultural, musical and culinary events; strongly welcomes the focus on creating new jobs and believes that the organisers will achieve their target of attracting 3,000 new market traders to start a new business career in the next two weeks; recognises the important social role markets play in their communities; and further notes the role markets are playing in bringing people back into the town centre and providing a focal point and a public space for families to enjoy.

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