House of Commons
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EDM #436
Tabled 17 July 2013
2013-14 Session
That this House notes the positive impact made by the 106 year-old probation service (PS) in England and Wales; further notes that of the 35 probation areas, 31 are rated good and four exceptional; further notes that the PS was awarded the British Quality Foundation Gold Medal in 2011; further notes the Government's Transforming Rehabilitation consultation, which proposes to outsource all low and medium risk offenders to private and voluntary groups whilst retaining high risk offenders under a national PS; further notes the Government's proposal to reorganise the 35 existing probation areas into a smaller number and centrally manage outsourced contracts, as well as introducing a payment-by-results model for outsourced contracts and, whilst welcoming the proposals to extend rehabilitation support to those serving short-term sentences, notes with concern the reports in the Press relating to the Ministry of Justice's internal risk register on the plans, the cancellation of the pilot programme and the incorrect use of reoffending rate statistics for short-term prisoners, who are not currently supervised by the PS, to justify the proposals; and welcomes the amendments made to the Offender Rehabilitation Bill to make any change of the structure of the PS subject to the approval of both Houses of Parliament.

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