House of Commons
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EDM #559
Tabled 14 October 2013
2013-14 Session
That this House welcomes the research by the British Heart Foundation into the impact of standardised packaging of cigarettes in Australia; notes that of the 2,500 young people interviewed, more Australian than UK teenagers were discouraged from taking up smoking because of the packaging; further notes that 77 per cent of UK and 66 per cent of Australian teenagers support the introduction of standardised packaging; further notes that 59 per cent of Australian teenagers say that standardised packaging deters them from smoking; acknowledges the findings of a study by the Cancer Council of Victoria which showed that, when young people view packs stripped of colours and logos, they believe the cigarettes are lower quality, will taste worse and are less appealing; recognises that Australia's standardised cigarette packaging policy has proved a success in discouraging people taking up the habit; and therefore calls on the Government to press ahead with its plans to introduce standardised packaging of tobacco products in order to deter young people from taking up smoking, encouraging healthy lifestyle choices and saving the NHS billions of pounds in the long run.