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EDM #818
Tabled 28 November 2013
2013-14 Session
That this House acknowledges that on 23 December 2013 it will be the 150th anniversary of Independent Age, a national older people's charity which offers advice, befriending and also campaigns for a fairer deal for older people; celebrates the work the charity does to provide personalised support to 10,000 older people and their families, including information and advice on social care provision; notes that Independent Age provides up to 40,000 older people and their families with information and support via a growing range of free publications and guides and advice on its website; welcomes the charity's production of Wise Guides, which offers practical information and advice for over-65s on finances, staying independent and getting the most out of later life; believes it is crucial that charities like Independent Age are in place to offer regular face-to-face or telephone support to those who are lonely or isolated through its network of volunteers; and calls on all hon. and right hon. Members to support Independent Age as it continues its work assisting older people.

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