House of Commons
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EDM #873
Tabled 11 December 2013
2013-14 Session
That this House believes that it is unacceptable that the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has not publicly disclosed its Division of Surgery Strategy document and its proposal to centralise most surgical services across Gloucestershire and integrate some of these services currently provided by Cheltenham General Hospital and Gloucester Royal Hospital on to one site; further believes that the Trust should now fully disclose its report and publish the costs and benefits of combining services across Gloucestershire; further believes that the Trust should make clear the precise timescale of any proposed changes and fully explain what changes are being proposed and what the effect on jobs will be; and further believes that the Trust should engage in a full and open public consultation as the current secret discussions risk a loss of confidence in the management of the Trust to deliver a full range of health services in both Gloucester and Cheltenham Hospitals.

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