House of Commons
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EDM #1029
Tabled 30 January 2014
2013-14 Session
That this House notes the proposals tabled at the final plenary of the multi-party talks involving the political parties in Northern Ireland, chaired by Dr Richard Haass and Professor Meghan O'Sullivan; notes that these proposals form a basis for progress; further notes the mobilisation in Belfast, called by the Northern Ireland Congress of Trade Unions along with others on 31 January 2014, to encourage progress and end the current political paralysis; further notes that this reflects a widespread support for the progress made and desire to move forward, in Ireland north and south, and in Britain and Ireland; further notes that the British and Irish governments remain co-guarantors of the Good Friday Agreement; and calls on the Government to publicly and jointly with the Irish government, encourage all parties to move speedily towards implementation of the proposals.

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