House of Commons
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EDM #1230
Tabled 27 March 2014
2013-14 Session
That this House welcomes the ambition in the Community Energy Strategy that by 2015 it will be the norm for communities to be offered the opportunity of some level of ownership of new, commercially-developed onshore renewable projects; believes that progress towards this should start immediately; applauds the large number of community energy schemes already operating, gaining a great deal of experience and expertise in installing locally-owned solar and wind generation; notes that there are at least six solar farm developments currently in the planning system in Sussex; supports the suggestion from Community Energy South and Brighton Energy Co-operative that planners require at least some degree of community ownership as a condition of planning for new solar farm developments; draws attention to the guide these organisations have produced that sets out how community groups, planners and developers can work together to enable community-ownership of local renewable energy assets; and urges local planners, councillors and Ministers to follow this guide and to do all they can to ensure community ownership fulfils its potential to offer not only a good return for local investors but also considerable local community funds that can be reinvested in community energy efficiency and local amenity enhancements.

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