House of Commons
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EDM #85
Tabled 12 June 2014
2014-15 Session
That this House commends the work which is being carried out by front and back office staff at HM Passport Office; notes their dedication during a time of immense pressure with offices opening seven days a week from 7am to midnight; is concerned by the Government's lack of accountability regarding the current crisis where backlogs are reaching over half a million; further notes that its current contingency plans are having little effect; further notes the warnings of an impending crisis the Government received from unions and hon. Members before the implementation of its drastic cuts programme which has seen the workforce reduced by a tenth and the closure of 22 interview offices and one application processing centre; and calls on the Government to acknowledge the current crisis and commit to increasing the staffing levels at both interview offices and processing centres across the country and ending the misery for families throughout the UK.

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