House of Commons
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EDM #137
Tabled 18 June 2014
2014-15 Session
That this House is deeply concerned by the worsening social and economic situation in Ukraine, including austerity policies, currency devaluation and rising prices, which have all led to a fall in real wages by up to 50 per cent and that this is contributing to the instability; welcomes the campaign for justice by the Independent Union of Miners of Ukraine in the industrial centre of Kryvyi Rih to secure a 50 per cent wage increase from the oligarchs; salutes its calls for unity and its work to prevent inter-ethnic conflict; urges the corporation EVRAZ with headquarters in London to pay the miners a living wage; and condemns as obscene that the oligarchs of EVRAZ pay almost no tax in Ukraine and accumulate vast wealth whilst their workforce endures poverty wages.