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EDM #129
Tabled 18 June 2014
2014-15 Session
That this House wishes to congratulate Professor Lesley Yellowlees CBE BSc PhD FRSC FRSE on her term as President of the Royal Society of Chemistry which is coming to an end in July 2014; notes that Professor Yellowlees became the first female President of the Royal Society of Chemistry when she was appointed in 2012; further notes Professor Yellowlees' work on public engagement in science and the promotion of women in science, earning her University of Edinburgh department an Athena Swan silver award for good practice in supporting women in science; praises Professor Yellowlees for her important work on solar energy, dye-sensitive solar cells and for being a pioneer in the field of spectroelectrochemistry through her breakthroughs with ruthenium dye; wishes Professor Yellowlees well in her next endeavours; and calls on the Government to increase funding for science research so Britain can stay at the forefront of scientific discovery.

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