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EDM #252
Tabled 10 July 2014
2014-15 Session
That this House notes with pride this week the 70th Anniversary, 10 to 12 July, of Operation Jupiter in Normandy and the battle of Hill 112, the holding of which was described by Rommel as the key to the whole of Normandy, as part of the Allied victory, which was successfully conducted through the courage and bravery of the 43rd Wessex Division, including the 112th Field Regiment RA, the 59th AT Regiment, the 7th and 9th Royal Tank Regiments, together with the infantry Battalions of 7th Hampshire's, 4th and 5th, Dorset's 4th and 7th Somerset Light Infantry, 4th and 5th Wiltshire's, 5th Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry, 1st Worcester's, 2nd Glasgow Highlanders, 7th Seaforth Highlanders, the 9th Cameronians, the Royal Scots Greys and 46th Highland Brigade, 15th Scottish, 53rd Welsh and 4th and 11th Armoured Division, supported by Typhoons and Mustangs, with parallel operations by the North and South Staffordshire Regiments, Canadian and Polish Divisions and those from East Lancashire, Royal Warwickshire and 49th West Riding and all others who successfully repulsed the Waffen SS/Hitler Youth 9th, 10th and 21st Panzer Divisions (Panthers and Tigers) and the 102 Tiger Tank Regiment and L.E.H.R. Division; and congratulates the Mayor and community of Fontaine Etoupefour who, with Andre Nové organised, a commemoration this week of the battle in and around Hill 112, Maltot and Éterville.

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