House of Commons
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EDM #309
Tabled 02 September 2014
2014-15 Session
That this House welcomes the launch of the Women's Aid SOS Campaign: Save Our Services: save refuges, save lives; recognises that specialist domestic violence refuges are life-saving services; acknowledges this national network of services in England is facing a crisis due to funding cuts and poor local commissioning decisions; further welcomes the aim of the SOS Campaign to protect the national network of specialist refuges and commit to exploring a new funding model for these services; acknowledges that a recent YouGov poll shows that 61 per cent of the population think that the Government should do more to preserve the national network of specialist domestic violence refuges for women and children; and calls on hon. Members to support the campaign by meeting with their local specialist refuge, signing the SOS campaign petition and supporting the protection of funding for the national network of life-saving refuges.

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