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EDM #330
Tabled 10 September 2014
2014-15 Session
That this House notes the Department for Education (DfE) has stated that it did not know who the Chairman of Governors was at the Kings Science Academy during its opening year; recognises the DfE confirmed the school informed it that Mr Alan Lewis was appointed Chairman in October 2011 but later told this was not the case; further notes that in a bid document from early 2012 to open a second Kings Science Academy in Sheffield in 2013, the application refers to Mr Lewis as either Chairman of Governors or of the Trust 10 times; affirms that in this document his name appears under the executive summary as Chair of the Trust, beneath a mission statement as Chairman of the Trust, and in the conclusion as Chair; further notes Mr Alan Lewis is listed as a main contact for the application with his name given as Chair of Governors of the proposed free school in Sheffield, topping the list of members of the KIFSA Trust, the company responsible for the existing school, whose address was said to be the same as that of Mr Lewis's company; further notes that the document also includes a quote said to be from Mr Lewis and notes the application has a section entitled Our Philanthropist, Chair of Governors: Alan Lewis CBE; further affirms the intransigence of the DfE in avoiding hon. Members' questions about governance at the school; and calls for an independent inquiry to be established to examine events at Kings Science Academy.

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