House of Commons
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EDM #336
Tabled 12 September 2014
2014-15 Session
That this House welcomes the publication of Keeping the lights on and the traffic moving, a report highlighting the vital role rail freight plays in the economy; notes that the rail freight industry has grown by 70 per cent since the mid-1990s and is now worth £1.5 billion a year in benefits to the economy; further notes that the industry transports goods worth over £30 billion a year and by transporting over half of the fuel used in the UK's electricity generation, the industry plays a substantial role in keeping the UK's lights on; recognises the significant environmental benefits of using rail freight instead of road freight, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 76 per cent and reducing congestion on the UK's roads by transporting goods that would otherwise require 7.6 million HGV journeys each year; and calls on the Government and industry to work together to create a positive future for the rail freight industry, increasing the volume and capacity of rail freight and subsequently the benefits to the economy.