House of Commons
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EDM #388
Tabled 22 October 2014
2014-15 Session
That this House notes the outcome of the latest EU Council of Ministers meeting on transport on the proposed EU Regulation on market access to port services and financial transparency of ports; further notes that it is the Government's stated preference, 'that proposals for regulation applicable to the UK in this area - in which earlier proposals have twice been rejected by the European Parliament - should not be taken forward'; also notes that the Government did not oppose the general approach text of the Regulation at the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council meeting on 8th October 2014 is concerned that the provisions and concessions secured by the Government in its negotiations may be removed by the European Parliament or undermined by the European Court of Justice and the European Commission; further notes that the UK port industry is not persuaded that the legislation is acceptable despite these concessions; further notes the continuing opposition of the UK port industry and trade unions to the proposed Regulation in its totality; calls on the Government to ensure that this proposal is debated and voted on the floor of the House, as recommended by the European Scrutiny Committee, within the next three weeks; and also calls on the Government to abide by the will of the House in all future legislative stages of this Regulation.