House of Commons
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EDM #504
Tabled 11 November 2014
2014-15 Session
That this House is extremely concerned about the significant upsurge in anti-abortion activism targeting clinics; would like to draw attention to the ongoing protests outside the British Pregnancy Advisory Service clinic in Blackfriars where activists are staging large protests of over 20 people, a mix of men and women activists carrying graphic posters; is concerned that activists are also routinely entering the surgery, causing great distress to staff and patients and are specifically targeting the mother and baby clinic, handing expectant mothers graphic leaflets and that they are directly approaching women and passers-by, and filming conversations with members of the public without informing or asking for consent first; notes with concern that the practice now feels so intimidated that it has asked to close the service down; further notes that these protests are particularly concerning because they are obstructing women from receiving the medical help that they are entitled to; while recognising that these groups are legally entitled to protest, feels that they should not be allowed to harass those women who decide to seek this sort of treatment; and calls on the relevant authorities to take immediate action to stop the protestors from harassing patients and staff on a routine basis.

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