House of Commons
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EDM #811
Tabled 23 February 2015
2014-15 Session
That this House notes the increasing escalation of criminal activity resulting from the hacking of business telephone systems to initiate outbound calls to premium numbers; further notes that, according to the Criminal Fraud Control Association, the UK is a global hot spot for such fraudulent activity, known as phone phreaking, together with Cuba, Liechtenstein and India; further notes that such activity costs businesses based in the UK an estimated £1 billion per annum; further notes that a single attack on a small business can lead to telephone charges of thousands of pounds, endangering the viability of businesses; believes that it is unacceptable that the cost from clear fraudulent activity is borne by businesses targeted by criminals; and calls on the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and Ofcom to initiate measures to protect unsuspecting and law abiding businesses from being targeted by organised criminals via phone phreaking.