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EDM #838
Tabled 04 March 2015
2014-15 Session
That this House acknowledges the view of the World Bank that Israel's occupation is preventing Palestine from accessing its natural resources, including not only oil and gas but also agricultural land and water acquifers; notes the natural gas reserves of Gaza Marine One and Noa South of Gaza Marine Two are in Gaza's territorial waters and contain at least $5 billion of gas; further notes that BG Group has held a licence since 1999 but Israel's intransigence has prevented it from commencing exploration; further notes the already operational Meged oil field in Israel is believed to contain reserves of at least 3.5 million barrels and to extend into the Occupied West Bank; further notes that Israel has also issued licences for oil exploration in the occupied Golan Heights in violation of international law; recalls that the Oslo Accords oblige Israel to co-ordinate exploration for natural resources in shared territory with the Palestine Authority and share its benefits; and therefore calls on the Government, together with its European partners, to press Israel to abide by its obligations and cease obstructing legitimate Palestinian endeavours aimed at accessing its natural resources.

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