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EDM #375
Tabled 07 September 2015
2015-16 Session
That this House supports the bid being prepared by Paisley to be awarded City of Culture status in 2021; recognises the town's great cultural strengths, including the world famous Paisley Pattern, which dates back to a time when the town was world-leading in textile production; celebrates the rich history of the town, including the significant number of listed buildings, including Paisley Abbey, which dates from 1245; notes the number of events put on each year to celebrate Paisley's past, including the 1820 ceremony held at Woodside Cemetery, which recognises and remembers the sacrifice that Andrew Hardie, John Baird and James Wilson made in attempting to extend the rights of workers, particularly weavers based in the Paisley mills; welcomes the contributions made by the University of the West of Scotland and West College Scotland, which both continue to play an important role in contributing to the vibrancy and diversity of the town; further notes the work of Loud 'n' Proud which exists to organise music and arts events to raise funds in supporting local children who are learning to play a musical instrument; further recognises that the town is still making a significant impact on the cultural landscape of the UK, including being the birthplace of cultural figures such as Paolo Nutini, Gerard Butler, David Tennant and John Byrne amongst many others; and wishes the town the best of luck in submitting a successful application.

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