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EDM #826
Tabled 07 December 2015
2015-16 Session
That this House expresses deep concern over the curfew placed on the Kurdish city of Silvan in Turkey, where Turkish security forces have launched major bombardments that have led to the deaths of around a dozen civilians and left the city without access to food, water and medical supplies; notes that this is the sixth such curfew to be placed on the town since the summer; further notes that such crude operations creates only further chaos and division by imposing collective punishment on populations of whole cities; notes that this is one of several towns that has been subjected to military attacks since July and it is reported that around 400 civilians have been killed as a result; and notes that the Government should use all its influence to encourage a ceasefire and the return to the peace process in Turkey, which will have important ramifications for the rest of the region.

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