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EDM #982
Tabled 20 January 2016
2015-16 Session
That this House congratulates West Kilbride for being recognised as the Best Village High Street in 2015 at the Great British High Street Awards; applauds what has been a remarkable turnaround for a village that had in times past been the victim of an economic downturn; recognises the significant efforts made by groups such as West Kilbride Community Initiative Ltd, a group made up of local volunteers who have shared their desire to encourage rejuvenation in their regional area, for helping to reverse the fortunes of West Kilbride; acknowledges that such efforts have seen the village designated Scotland's only Craft and Design Town, the establishment of its own environmental group, the construction of a network of gardens and pathways, and the revolution of retail spaces on the local high street to support burgeoning projects and businesses, including craft shops, artist studios and galleries to name only a few; considers the achievement by West Kilbride particularly noteworthy given that 230 high streets entered the competition in total and is looking forward to seeing West Kilbride prosper in years to come.

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