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Threatened Imprisonment of Cyril Mundin
EDM #1400
Tabled 15 October 1990
1989-90 Session
There has been an amendment to this EDM.
That this House is appalled at the actions of Northampton Council in prosecuting Mr Cyril Mundin, aged 74 years, for non-payment of the poll tax, in persecuting him through the ruthless use of bailiffs' company 'Madagans', in serving him with a warrant for his arrest and finally in arresting him on his way home from hospital, taking him to court and giving him 14 days to pay the full amount or to serve 14 days in prison; notes that Mr Mundin cannot afford to ,pay this amount and is fully prepared to go to prison on 25th October; believes that this government's poll tax and the actions of the councils in enforcing it are barbarous; and demands that Northampton Council stops its intended imprisonment of Cyril Mundin and other pensioners who cannot afford tax of a heartless government.

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